How Kyrgyz parliamentarians change their political parties.

Original article is published on Azattyk.

Members of Kyrgyzstan’s parliament often choose their political party by how well its agenda aligns with their personal goals rather than their political values. This results in representatives frequently moving to parties that better suit their private interests.

By Edil Baiyzbekov

Each square represents an individual deputy , the lines show their transitions from convocation to convocation. The color indicates the party. You can find a specific deputy in the search at the very end of the infographic.

Note: III convocation of parliament was elected by the majority system, not by party lists. Many candidates ran independently, but some were nominated by parties. Therefore, we showed their involvement in the parties.

«One-call aliases». 75% deputies were elected to parliament only once.

«Defectors». Every third deputy who was re-elected changed the party.

«Devotees». Only 15 deputies returned to parliament as part of the same party.

Every third deputy of those who were re-elected, missed one or more convocations. Almazbek Atambaev, Anvar Artykov and Zakir Sharapov took the biggest breaks.

There were no women in the parliament of the third convocation. And in the entire history of the Parliament, it has never reached a 30% gender quota.

8% of deputies elected at least three times.

None of the deputies worked in all convocations. Most often Omurbek Tekebaev and Isa Omurkulov were elected to parliament - 5 times each.

You can click on the party's name on the right to see the deputies that were in it. You can also search for parliamentarians by name under the graph.